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Differences Between Toast 12 And Pro Versions



There is a $40 price difference between the upgrade versions of these two products and the comparison page at http://www.roxio.com...er/toast/#tab=1 suggests that the difference is huge.


I have Toast 11 Pro, however, and so the differences appear to be:

  1. FaceFilter3 -- new, but how many of these features will be available free in Yosemite's new Photos app?
  2. HDR Express 2 -- new
  3. iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner -- replaces SoundSoap 2 (version 3 available from http://www.soundness...soundsoap3.html for $49 upgrade), although the iZotope product is old (released 2009 according to the $30 Amazon listing) and is no longer available from the publisher and has no clear upgrade option
  4. FotoMagico 3 RE -- essentially the same version bundled with Toast 11 Pro, although the current version is 4.4 and available for $79 at http://sites.fastspr...coupon=FM4ROXIO
  5. Sonicfire Pro -- version 5 was bundled with Toast 11 Pro and updated for free to 5.7.5, but SmartSound charges $29.95 to upgrade to version 5.8, so what is the version bundled with Toast 12 Pro?
  6. High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in -- how is this different from the one in Toast 11 Pro?

I'm struggling to see the value in the $100 upgrade cost from Toast 11 Pro to Toast 12 Pro, especially when Corel isn't including current versions of the bundled software. I am also concerned the upcoming release of Yosemite that may break some of the bundled apps, forcing upgrades that will cost a lot more than $40.


It almost looks like the bundle software is akin the crippled bloatware installed on Windows PCs, limited old versions that mean additional cost for the customers who buy the bundle.


It's also really interesting that I never received notice from Roxio/Corel about the availability of version 12, even though my email address is registered to receive such notices.

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If you have Toast 11 Pro I see little value in the Pro bundle with Toast 12. Also, I see little reason to replace the Toast 11 app with the Tooast 12 app unless you discover there is something that 11 can't do that 12 can do. Your Blu-Ray plugin works with Toast 12 should you decide to upgrade.

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