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Burn And Verification Speed Slow


I have been a long time Toast user. Under Toast 12 on my hi-end Mac Book Pro running Mavericks using an Apple USB DVD drive, Toast is taking a super long time to burn and a super long time to verify. It pauses for long periods (all night at least once). Looks like it pauses if the Mac sleeps or Toast is in the background. When the Mac is active and Toast is the foreground task, it stays aactive. This behavior is not what I would expect based on pervious versions of the software and Mac OS X. Is it App Nap? Drive sleep on Mac sleep? I am setting App Nap to off for Toast and will try some test burns but it would be nice if Roxio addressed this (is it in the manual), preferably so the application functioned as anticiapted out of the box.

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I agree....I am having the same issue with Toast 12. It is taking 4 - 6 hours to burn a DVD-DL from a folder. I have 2 burners and both same. Never was it this slow before 12. Perhaps the most was 30 minutes. What is going on? I should also say that I am using Yosemite preview......wonder if that is causing an issue? I have a 1 year old iMac with 32gb of RAM, BTW.

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