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Hi everyone,


My USB capture device is not capturing the right (red) audio channel. I've tried a variety of fixes (including different audio source/cables with a different computer), and nothing seems to work. When setting up on another computer with different cables and a different source, I know the source is sending stereo output, but I only receive the left channel. Not sure what I can do to fix this.


Is it possible to use third party capturing devices with the Easy VHS to DVD software? I was browsing on Amazon but wasn't sure if it'd work. Or does anyone have experience mono-summing the channels after the video has been captured? I thought about looking for some freeware that would do this. It'd be nice to have a stereo recording, but I'd settle for dual channel mono.


Any suggestions are welcome.



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What type of cable are you using, and what is your source? If you're using the Red/White/Yellow cable, and going to an audio device like an MP3 player, or computer audio output, you'll likely find that one of the audio channels winds up on the Yellow connector. If that's the case, try connecting the yellow connector in place of the right channel connector.


Alternatively, connect everything as usual. Record a bit. Verify that you have audio in only one channel and note which speaker it's coming out of . Now switch only the red and white connectors coming into the capture device. Record a bit more.


Do you still have audio? If so, did it move from one speaker to the other? If you still have audio coming out of the same speaker, then your capture device is most likely the problem and needs to be returned/replaced because we know that you are getting an audio signal on both incoming audio cables.


If the audio is now in the "other" speaker, then you're only getting an audio signal on one channel from your cable. Again, if you're using the red/white/yellow cable, check to see if there is an audio signal on the yellow cable, assuming you're not connected to something like a video camera which would expect a three channel plug.


Let us know your results.

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