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Which Settings Best Fit My Computer


I need help with using my Roxio, my friend who had this before gave me his computer and his Roxio and his setting on it were perfect but I can not find the right setting for my Roxio so I can get at least 720p videos up on my YoutTube channel.


This is the computer I use


Gateway SX Series SX2110G-UW23 (DT.GEPAA.002) Desktop PC


AMD Dual-Core Processor E1-1500 (1.48GHz)






Windows 8 64-Bit



Please help!

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It has Nothing to do with your PC!


The RGC will only capture at what it is receiving or below.


When you send to YouTube, you have have to have the proper Account Privileges with them to post HD movies... Otherwise YouTube will recode your clip to a lower resolution -_-

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