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Urgent! Error Message On Installation!




We have recently installed the Roxio Game Capture software onto our windows 8.1 laptop and it comes up saying:


"The certificate file is missing or has been corrupted. Please re-install it."


Can someone please help us? This is kind of urgent as we are starting filming for a big GTA film we are doing on the 1st OCTOBER and we need this software working then. Does anyone know how we can fix it? NOTE that the computer is running on Windows 8 and we had to recover the software from a Roxio up port member.


Thank you

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... When I search fro that message, these 2 "solutions" come up



(that is picture so the links are not active)


I am a little skeptical as there have been other solutions during the years for other products <_<


With you deadline, you may be better off using another PC that it works on!


I have No Idea what this part means, "...recover the software from a Roxio up port member."???

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