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Easy Lp To Mp3 Won't Work

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Running Win Home Premium SP2 32-bit with latest updates. This program used to work about a year ago to convert LPs to MP3 format by plugging Roxio hardware into USB port on computer. Now it doesn't work on Line USB Mult Audio. The left record level is maxed out and the right is at 1[3 scale, and neither varies. Only Input selection is Master Volume. Same problem with two computers. However, program works on a computer running Win7 64-bit. Need help to get program running. Video cards are good and not been changed since program ran before.

Have been very frustrated trying to figure out how and where to post a message on a Roxio support forum.

If anyone can provide some direction, it would be most appreciated.

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What is "Running Win Home Premium SP2 32-bit with latest updates. " Confirm that is Windows 7. What has changed on that computer - new or different anti-virus (which one?) - registry cleaner? New programs?


What happens if you connect using the USB port on the back of your computer (if desktop)?


Right click on the speaker icon on your bottom task bar. Select recording devices, click in the window and select to show all devices. Do you see the USB device listed now? Click on that and play with the settings to increase the volume. You should go to the Windows help menu to set up your devices. It is a long procedure but not difficult. I won;t repeatr it here.


Video cards have nothing to do with it.

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