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Yet Another Customer With Disc Burning Issues

Sharon B


Recently installed NXT2 on my new Dell 8700 Inspiron Windows 7 Professional system 64 bit. IK thought it installed easily, but didn't try to use it to make a DVD until more than 1 month had passed so NO warranty and no tech support !!!! The Roxio secure burn and all the Roxio applications refuse to recognize discs in the DVD drive (+R Memorex, and -R Verbatim). I have removed the registry keys and reinstalled the DVD drive in windows, done a fresh installation of Roxio several times with antivirus turned off, safe boot on and all services turned off. All the hardware has up to date drivers. Nothing seems to help. Looking through this forum, I see no solutions.


Also clicking on the Roxio start icon always causes the program to crash, although it is possible to get into videowave and mydvd by opening individual applications. Videowave crashes too often, as well.


I have used Roxio many times starting with Creator 5 and continuing up through Creator 12. All have been buggy, but this is completely unacceptable. I can make DVDS with Windows DVD and Windows Movie maker. I would expect more from a company which seems to exist only to produce this kind of software. With this experience and lack of tech support, I see no reason to ever buy Roxio products again. Will try to install 2012 and see if it works. :( :(

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The Roxio secure burn and all the Roxio applications refuse to recognize discs in the DVD drive (+R Memorex, and -R Verbatim).


I had a user send me a drive out of a HP PC he had the same problem "refuse to recognize discs".


I have never suffered from that problem and when I install his drive my system saw disc's in all Roxio NXT Pro and NXT2 Pro applications.


I build my own box's so it's something with store bought PC's and Roxio Software.


What is the drive ID String when you look at it in device manager?


Have a read through all 25 posts especially post # 25.



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I uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio (at least twice), cleaning all traces of the software from my computer each time and being sure to keep the virus software off. That didn't help; HOWEVER there seems to have been a problem with autoplay in windows 7 64 bit which was preventing the drive from showing up. I found a registry fix in a windows 7 forum which corrected that problem. Unfortunately, it now crashes when I try to use the sound editor to record from line in. It works for about 1 minute and then stops. Repair didn't work. I suspect this is a conflict with other media programs on my computer. I guess I will uninstall and reinstall again. Sooner or later, I will come up to the 10 times reinstallation limit in this software. It's very frustrating.


For those interested in fixing the autoplay there is a downloadable file which can correct the registry and it enters the following:



Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


; Created by: Shawn Brink

; http://www.sevenforums.com

; Tutorial: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/216706-autoplay-enable-disable.html









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