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Cody S.

Slow Burn Speed With Multiple Desktops


I have an iMac (3.1 GHz Intel i5, 16GB RAM, OSX 10.9.5) and I noticed a while back Toast Titanium 11 started to burn slower. At first I thought it was the external Apple SuperDrive I started using, but tried the internal drive and had the same results. I currently have three monitor and a total of 9 desktops (using Apple's virtual desktop features, formerly known as Spaces). I discovered today that the slowness seems to be the fact that I have Toast on one desktop and I'm working on another. If I switch over to the desktop Toast is running on it burns faster (at normal speed).


Is there a way to make it so Toast will burn at normal speed, even when I'm not on the desktop it's running in?




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Starting with Toast 11.1 the burn speed slowed way down. Maybe your other Mac has a version of Toast earlier than 11.1. I keep Toast 11.4 available for times when burn speed matters. In those cases I either use the earlier Toast for creating the project or I choose Save as Disc Image with the newer Toast and burn the .toast file to disc using the Image File setting in the Copy window of the earlier version

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