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Unable To Capture Any Audio Using Easy Audio Capture



HELP - Have just downloaded NXT Pro and when trying to record from sound card I get a message "Could not open sound device". Have a Realtek soundcard, the drop down 'Capture from' box gives me choices of - Line In - Realtek Digital Output - Speakers - or Realtek Digital Output (optical). Whilst playing an mp3 file am not getting any signals from any of these 4 options - checked my volume mixer and all inputs are unmuted and on full levels

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Hello, Im having a simular problem(NXT) in that I can not capture ANY audio via the supplied usb connector. Connecting DIRECTLY to soundcard, as described and even...prefered??!? also does not work...wil "capture" mono audio, but I hear nothing over speakers or headphones, so I have no idea what exactly I'm recording.

The ROXIO capture software does NOT recognize it's own hardware, in the form of the usb connector. Connecting to the soundcard only provides MONO capture, but I can't HEAR a thing I'm capturing :-(((

No matter how I connect my Lenco turntable(especially made for digitalizing LP's)I can hear nothing that I'am recording, and again ONLY in mono can be captured, but NOT thru the supplied usb connector.


Constantly being reminded to up-grade doesn't help[ matters either: why upgrade and risk getting the same problem, only now I'm out another 60 bucks. No thank you. I think the best alternatief is exactly that: something else, but not ROXIO NXT or any upgrade.

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Lenco makes about a dozen different turntables; which one do you have?


If the Lenco outputs to a USB, and you have it plugged into a USB connection on the back of your computer, then why are you using NXT Pro (or for that matter your sound card)? The Lenco should give you the stereo audio file.

Note that some sound cards are not able to output what they are recording. Do you have an option for "What you hear"?

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