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Can't Rip Some Audio Cds - Split From Old Topic


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Long dead topic, Nic6. If you're having a problem, why don't you start a new thread, and let us know which version of Creator you have. If you're not an Administrator on your PC, then you'll have restrictions on where you can create files. Try the "default" "My Documents" or "My Music" folder(s).

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It's not a case that certain CDs can't be ripped to the hard drive. It appears to be a case that ripped tracks can't be saved to a location that is not valid in Windows.


The error message in your screenshot indicates that your ripped tracks cannot be saved to the destination that you have set.

Here's the destination part of your screenshot.




It's very hard to read, but it seems to show the destination is

C:\users\nicad_000\music\ \

See the space between the last two backslashes?


That's an illegal address in Windows as it indicates a sub-directory under C:\users\nicad_000\music\ which has a space for a name, and that can't happen.


If you change the destination as directed by the error message, you should be able to save your ripped tracks.




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