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Not Sure About Power/status Leds



So I had no idea where to put this, as it isn't to with capturing, or the sofware... so I placed in hardware.


So basically, I've seen photos of other peoples RGC HD Pro, and I can clearly see the bright blue power LED on top, and prominent LEDs in the inputs, for HDMI or Component.


But I've noticed that MY RGC HD Pro has the bright blue LED on top as it should, but there is also a definite RED colour in there as well. As a result, the blue LED almost looks purple.


It's a similar deal with the input status LEDs. They're barely visible, and if I look REALLY close they also have a slight red tint to them (possibly from the LED making it red on top). I mean, I haven't seen this in any photos of the RGC HD Pro, so I'm lead to believe this is not normal, at least from what I've seen.


I've tried taking some photos to show you what I mean, but unfortunately that hasn't worked out too well, as the blue LED is too bright for the camera.


Anyway, is what I'm seeing normal? Or not normal? Any helps would be grand.

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