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Probleme Beim Schreiben Einer Blu Ray



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Buffer underrun means your Mac wasn't able to provide data fast enough for the continuous burn to disc, despite even a buffer in memory to prevent such. This could happen if e.g. some of the data comes from a very slow device, or perhaps a disk in sleep mode.

Toast has a setting to prevent buffer underruns, even if the buffer is depleted, by pausing the burn if needed. Menu: Recorder > Recorder Settings > Advanced > Enable Buffer Underrun Prevention. This is fine for most home use, but should not be used for discs that are to be replicated.

Also, OS X may set Toast into App Nap mode, if it is not the front-most app. You may try setting Prevent App Nap as an application property in the Finder's Get Info window for the Toast app.

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Thank you


i made this but it do not help


Das Laufwerk hat einen Fehler gemeldet:


Sense Code = 0x21, 0x02



Its also very slow


I habe am macbook pro, i7 with 16 GB Ram , yosemite

a very fast system,

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