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Video Splitting And Trimming



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During my first use of this product, I somehow managed to record 5 hours of a 6 hour tape (ended up cutting off the last hour as it was some crap I didn't want recorded). The tape consists of 5 one hour documentary programs I recorded and I would like to separate them into individual files for later burning to DVDs. So far I have managed to set trim markers between each program segment but I'm not sure if or how to save each segment as a separate file. Can anyone help with this or is this the wrong product to do this? I have a number of similar tapes to which I want to do the same thing. A few others I tried to record stopped after the apparent 3 hour limit to continuous recording. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

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Do a Save As and call it Master Project.


Load the Master and Save As Hour 5. Then delete the 4 splits before it... SAVE.


Load the Master and Save As Hour 4. Then delete the 3 splits before the 4th one as well as the last split... SAVE




Be careful (I would make a copy of the Master in another location) and you will have one Project for each hour plus your Master. Burn away ;)


Now there is one other way... The Pro version has a check box in the Export As part that allows you to Split the project over multiple DVD's. After you select it, you can pick the actual split points you want to use and when you burn it will prompt you for the next disc.


I have had issues with long projects, 3 hour, so I don't know how it would behave on a 5 hour project.


Let us know how you make out -_-

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How do you Trim and Split the Videos using the VHS to DVD program?!?!?


Use this and the little question marks in the program. I entered this large since I figured that you have a vision problem or were you only yelling at the people who would be giving you free help?

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