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Crashes Video Wave Stop Working Everytime I Want To Render



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hello everyone

i have a asus laptop

i edit a 3m video and when i render the video everytime the video wave crash and windows telling me the video wave is not responding!

is there anything i can do to prevent that? thank you guys


Not much information in your post.


What are your system specs? "Asus laptop" means nothing.

What are the video clip specs? Where did you get? What kind of edits? At what point while rendering does it crash?

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I have the same problem - also on an ASUS laptop.


Intel Celeron CPU N2830 @ 2.16Ghz, 4 GB RAM

Windows 8.1, 64-bit


VideoWave freezes soon after starting a project.




1. Open VideoWave

2. Create new project

3. Save project, new name

4. Add two video clips (both .mp4 files, one 43MB, one 154MB)

3. Add a "Dissolve" transition

4. Press "Play" to preview the project

5. Project starts - after about 5 seconds of video and audio, the video freezes, but audio continues.

6. VideoWave freezes. Audio continues, but no video and no buttons work. After a few clicks, I get the windows "Not Responding" error.


Earlier, it froze when simply adding (several, 10-20) videos to a new project.

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Indilondon and Blane, Did it ever work correctly?


Did your version come with the laptop or did you buy it from Asus or from somewhere else. I seem to remember that there was a real issue with the version of Creator that was purchased from the Asus supplier. There was a long thread on it. I'll look for that thread.


If you bought it from Asus, did you talk to them about it.


I can't immediately find that thread but the other poster got his money back after a real hassle at Asus.

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