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Dvd Music To Blu Ray Disk

Jim D Indiana


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I get approx 600 songs on a stanard DVD of 4.7gb. I was hoping to get at least a multiple of that for a 25 gb disk. Thanks for your interest.


Perhaps you better explain what you mean by "DVD music". If you have 600 songs on a standard 4.7GB DVD then they would be in mp3 format and all you have is a data DVD that contains music files. You can burn such files to a BlueRay disc but again all you get is a data disc holding a lot more files.

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My NXT2 Pro only makes standard 4.7 single layer and 8.5 dual layer in Create Music Disc Projects, DVD Music Disc's & MP3/WMA Disc's, no Blu-ray option in the drop down with a Blu-ray Disc loaded.


My NXT2 Pro Data/Copy will give you the option to burn to a Blu-ray Disc.







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