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Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus: No Video Signal!



I see many of you are having the same problem!

It was working two weeks ago and then....nothing. I've been trying to resolve this issue since then. My OP is win 7 64 bit. My computer was built by Staples "IBuyPower". I have the red, white and yellow rca's plugged into the v/a out on my VCR. The other end is plugged into the Roxio provided capture USB. Just the same as I did when the program worked.

I have uninstalled-reinstalled 4 times (without the capture USB plugged into my computer). My tapes are good, no problems there.

Further instruction would surely be appreciated!



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Can you run a Windows restore to before you had the problem? Either a new program or an update or a "cleaning" caused the issue. Did you notice any other programs not working properly?


Don't go by what other people post. You will find that they did something to cause the problem. What they did to break it and then to fix it does not necessarily relate to your issue.

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It could be that one of the folders was needed for this program and perhaps others. What about deleting temporary files (TEMP and TMP) and browser caches? Did you try CCleaner? Did you use Revo Uninstaller to delete trial and or unused programs? Don;t use a Registry Cleaner. There may not be a problem there but why chance it?


Did you look at Device Manager to see if the two entries for the USB device are still there?


Look in the program (of you can open it) to see where the default files location is - did you move it?

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