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Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up



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Yep, I know that. The program on the Home screen simply says "Copy Disc" which is all I wanted to do.

I have the latest DVD burners but it won't recognize a new blank disc in either direction.


What disc are you trying to copy?


Does windows see your drives in my computer?


Does any Roxio application see your drives?

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A simple disc I have copied before.


Yes, Computer sees all my drives. I have both a Blueray-capable and a regular DVD burner, a large SSD C drive, and two 2TB data drives.


The Roxio programs see all drives. The Disc Copy will not accept a blank DVD+R disc, it just asks for a new blank disc no matter which direction I try to copy.


Yes, both optical drives are working with other software.

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I have sourced every part and built this one myself, and it works well.


Both optical drives are accessed by the Disc Copy program, but even when I stay with the same drive it will not recognize any new blank disc to start the burn.


I even went to regedit just now and deleted upper and lower filters as recommended by various W7 fix-it sites. No joy.

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Do you have a 64-bit Windows on your machine? You didn't confirm that part.


Did deleting the upper/lower filters keys make Creator lose sight of the drives? The upper/lower filters in that particular registry key are Windows' way of connecting to and seeing the drives. Deleting defective keys forces Windows to reconstruct them the next time you boot.


That's a good way to make Windows see your drives if it has lost them. However when you install Creator it adds its own filter [PXHelp] to that key so that Creator too can see the drive(s). If you delete your upper/lower filters keys you'll also delete the Creator filter, and Creator will lose the drives.


Creator's filter can be restored either by completely reinstalling Creator, or by doing CDanteek's PX Engine Fix here. Please read his post carefully, and follow it to the letter.




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