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I Need To Re-Install Program But Cannot Find Download To Do It ?



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Yes I have the purchase information printed ......but when I try to download ....the exceeded 30 days comes up.


So you didn't pay for an extended download nor did you make a copy of the download (did you look?). I'm not sure what I can tell you other than to contact digital river directly. Good luck.


Go to the top of this page and send a private message to "Rox-Ralf" to see if he can help. Give him all the information you have.

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He is not in the US time zone so it may take some time. Are you sure you e-mailed Rox-Ralf? He is the only one that may be able to help other than to pay for the program again. Remember you are the one that didn't pay for extended download and did not keep a copy of the download -- be angry with yourself !

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My computer crashed recently so I lost everything .....I need to re-install Creator NXT 2 but where do I get the file to download please and put it back on my computer ?


Didn't you save a copy of the download somewhere? If it is on a disc, then just use that but I'm guessing that you did not. Did you save the download on your computer hard drive - did that crash? Can you prove that you bought the program via e-mail or other? Do you have the key to reinstall? If not, you may be out of luck.


Try this (link). Do I need to suggest that you keep a backup of everything on your computer , just in case?

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