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Total Frustration With Roixo Creator



I am writing this post to vent a little of my frustrations with the Roxio Creator product. My version is 2011 but I have purchased previous versions in 2007 and 2009. Each time I think they will have addressed the issues and problems but each time I am dissapointed. At this point I am unwilling to upgrade to a later version figuring that I will just get another half baked piece of software. I am fairly knowledgeable with multi media software and have used other company's software to create video shows, slide shows and audio CDs. I keep forgetting how poor the Roxio software is and I start a project, spend several or many hours on it only to find I am unable to complete it or I have to jump through all kinds of loops and make compromises to get it done.

Some of my issues are:

Creating a slide show -- I have created several slide shows for birthdays, funerals, graduations etc. I spend several hours creating just the right order of slides and adding and editing music and then all of a sudden the software will freeze up and everything I have done since the last save will be lost. I began saving after every significant change and periodically so I wouldn't lose too much work. The save process is slow and therefore this adds a lot of time. Then I actually produce the finished product and discover that some of the slides are just black screen for the duration of that slide. They appear to be ramdom and the only way to solve the problem is to delete those slides and re-add them. Then hope that some other slide has not been turned dark. I wind up having to view the entire slide show to make sure nothing has been omitted.


Creating an audio CD has been very frustrating as well. I have given up completely on Roxio for creating a CD that will play normally in a CD player. Either the CD does not work at all or the entire group of songs must be played as a single song. It will play from track 1 but stepping to the next track fails and hangs. If I fast forward on track one it will continue on to the next tracks but you can't just select a track. I used Windows Media Player to burn the exact same play list and the CD behaves perfectly. I suppose there could be some setting or option some where that is incorrectly set in Roxio but I couldn't find it.


So in summary, I have been burned almost everytime I have tried to use Roxio to create a CD or DVD and I would like suggestions for other company's audio and video software that will allow me to create slide/video shows with captioning, music and dubbed audio narating if necessary. For audio I think I will just stick with Audacity for editing and Windows media player for burning cds. I would also love to know of a good piece of video editing software so I can take the many hours of video clips etc and clip, cut, splice, add captioning, pretty menus etc.



Thanks for any inputs you may have,


Jim Bossaller

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I just have one suggestion and it is not meant to be argumentative at all---I doubt very seriously that your Roxio program is the problem. I have been using Roxio and the newer Corel NXT program suites for years (even back to when Adaptec owned the program) and have made a multitude of audio cds and video shows and DVDs and have always had great results. btw, when making a video show using Roxio, I always use "Videowave" for the show production and "Mydvd" for burning the DVD. And have never had problems making audio cds. I'm truly sorry for your problems but still believe it's the computer system you have that's the problem and not your Roxio program.

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Thank you REDWAGON for commenting on my post. Is there any setting that I should be aware of when creating an audio CD using ROXIO Creator to create a playable CD with track info etc?

When I create an Audio CD using Roxio, only the first track is playable and stepping to next tracks results in silence. I can fast forward on track 1 and get to the next tracks but not skipping to the next tracks. I did the exact same playlist using Windows Medial Player and it works fine.


I had good success with NHC VideoPad with a free trial. Unfortunately to get the same functionality as Roxio Creator, you have to buy several pieces of software each with a particular capability like video editing, audio editing etc. I am just reluctant to start on another project with Roxio because it seems like eveything goes well for most of the project and then I do something fairly simple and it hangs or inserts black slides and then I spend hours trying to get back to where I was.


I typically create a show with several hundred slides, multiple video clips and audio tracks from songs as well as audio recordings I have. I add titles and pop up text. Does this sound similar to the types of things you do and have had good success??

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