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Ps4 Glitchy / Skipping Capture.



Hey Hey Kids!


Now I am trying to capture PS4 Video putting aside my issues with the HIGH compsumption of MBs/GBs when capturing small gameplay footage, when I go and play the MTs (or if it actually works the high gb mp4 file) it is choppy, glitchy and skipping, I I have know Idea what the go is, My PS4 display is set to 720 and I capture in 720 and I use sony Vegas at 720 but it is crap....


PS3 Captures are fine and dandy (aside the point that again high capacity GBs files for short game play) but the PS4 it's shocking!

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File size is a function of Time and MBPS setting. The is NO magic in the world that will allow tiny files and high quality...


The MP4 capture does not work as expected, don't use it!


Without knowing all of your Capture and Output settings can't really guess why the results you are getting :wacko:


Look at the File Properties - Details of a good file verses a bad one and see what is different ^_^

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I have a 1.8gb file, only want 15 minutes of it for a youtube video the orginal file plays fine no issue but once I try and render it or preveiw it in sony vegas it glitchy and skippy


this is one example, I thought it was bad render so I just left it

but I am not sure,


could it be I am rendering a 720 video from a 1080i capture?

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