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My issue on burning data disk : I used this for the first time for photos. Everything worked fine. Today I burned to data some more pictures and when playing the disc on my blue ray, the pictures were beautiful and then all of a sudden, it showed an icon like a cracked photo or something. I advanced the remote and some pictures came on and were fine. Then this icon appeared again and did not show a lot of pics. Then back on showing pictures. Why doesn't it show that something is wrong with some photos before I burn? Now I have to do all over again? I hope this is making sense to someone so I get a reply!



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If you were playing your disc on your Blu-Ray player when you saw this strange icon, you need to read through the player's manual to see what the Icon means and what causes it.


I'm guessing that your player is telling you it's having trouble reading your disc. Your manual will tell you.

If that's the case, there's probably nothing wrong with your source photos but you're trying to burn too fast or your blank discs are low quality, or something like that is producing a poor quality burn which your player can't read properly.


Your player manual should tell you.

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