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Cannot Capture Video With Creator Nxt2


I seem to have a problem capturing video using the capture feature in Creator NXT2 using a Sony DCR HC27E video camera.

It recognises the camera is there in the window ...but when you select It the prog. crashes with this message..


Roxio Media Capture has stopped working


Look on line for solution.



Any help please

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Why are you not using the Sony transfer program? Here( Link)


No firewire (IEEE) port? If you use a USB port, then the computer doesn't really recognize the camcorder and either doesn't capture or it captures what it sees at the moment.


If you have a lot of videos on that camcorder then I suggest that you buy a firewire card to capture the video. If you have a desk top computer, you can easily put in a firewire card. I just bought a new computer and had a firewire card installed.


There have been some devices that will accept a firewire, convert it to the right signal and then load it to your computer via USB. You may be able to find one of those - one was sold by Pinnacle


I see that there are some AV outputs from that camcorder; if that is correct, then there is a newer Pinnacle device that will capture the video to your computer. Firewire would always be better.


By the Way, Corel owns both Roxio AND Pinnacle.

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