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Backup Mypc V7 Don't See All Files/directory To Backup Even With Admin Rights



Hello ! I've just purchase a new license of BackUp MyPC v7 ( http://www.orlogix.com/product.php?catalogue_id=1&product_id=1 ). This is a well known software for me as I was using Seagate Backup Exec just before ... But today with Windows 8 I notice every files/directory were not backup when performing a complete full backup of C: - Probably BUMP7 has no right to chdir into these directory and see files. I don't have rights access to them... but even when run with admin rights it's the same ! So, what's wrong !?? Alex.

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Whew! Lot of information there. I've had to work quite hard to answer this one.


[1] I have no exact idea why almost 12.5 GB of data weren't backed up. I don't know what settings you used.

How do you know it was 12.5 GB? Is 12.5 the difference between the total data on your drive, and the size of the backup? It might not be that much, since the files that are backed up are compressed to half their original size.


What did your backup report say?

BUMP writes a backup report named after the job name you gave the backup. In my case I called the job "mytest" so the report was called mytest.txt. You should find the report in the directory C:\Program Files\Roxio\Backup MyPC\Reports.


Here's my backup report. I think the important line is "Skipped File". How many of yours were skipped?


Start Job Report



Job Name: mytest


Backup Job Started - 17/11/2014 18:44:30

Backup Device: Hard Disk Drive Backup Device

Backup Product: Sonic Backup MyPC 7.0.5 705B20B

Backup Type: Full - all selected files backed up will be marked as archived

Backup Media: MyBackup 00001.qic - 17/11/2014 18:44 (M:\MyBackup 00001.qic)

A snapshot (shadow) copy of files that may be in use was made (Volumes: C:\).

Skipped File: C:\Windows\System32\config\COMREGDB.BAK - in use by another application, it will be skipped.

System Registry, COM+ Class Registration, Operating System, and Boot files have been backed up.

Processed File Count: 47,054

Total Bytes After Compression: 4.00 GB (4,291,731,733 Bytes)

Total Bytes Before Compression: 7.85 GB (8,429,507,727 Bytes)

Operation Completed - Yes

Backup Job Ended - 17/11/2014 19:05:17

Compare Job Started - 17/11/2014 19:06:18

Backup Media: MyBackup 00001.qic - 17/11/2014 18:44 (M:\MyBackup 00001.qic)

Processed File Count: 47,054

Total Bytes Before Compression: 7.85 GB (8,429,507,727 Bytes)

Operation Completed - Yes

Compare Job Ended - 17/11/2014 19:20:13




End Job Report



What files is BUMP supposed to ignore? It processed 47,054 files, but there are 55,751 on the drive.

It backed up only 7.85 GB (before compression) but there are 9.45 GB on the drive.


Some backup systems are designed to restore your Windows and Data to an empty drive after a disaster, but BUMP isn't.

If your drive dies, you have to install Windows on the new one, then install BUMP, then run a restore against your backup to recover your own files..

I suspect that BUMP doesn't backup much of Windows except the special files that record your system state, so the backup is much smaller than C: drive, even before compression.


If I am correct, the only files you have to worry about are "skipped" ones. Read the report and see if any important files were skipped. If not, don't worry.



The BUMP Help files say that BUMP marks backed-up files as "Archived", so their file archive attributes are 'reset'. When the file is 'touched' by Windows that attribute gets set again, so BUMP would consider it a changed file and want to back it up once more. I don't know the Rules why Windows resets the file attributes, but I see a lot get changed when their contents haven't been altered. 8 GB does seem a lot, but that's Windows for you.


I think the "system state" files might be the "System Registry, COM+ Class Registration, Operating System, and Boot files" which are mentioned in the report. Leaving them out of the backup would bring the size down quite a bit.




Okay, how are we going? Does that cover everything?




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[1] Yes, it is the difference between what Windows said in "Computer's icon" for C: 38,7 GB used. And what BUMP7 said when all C drive checked with system checked also. Menu [Affichage / Information sur la selection] in english it's probably: Display / Informations said: 25,63 GB.


Windows (used): 38,70 GB

BUMP 7 (saved): 25,63 GB (in fact to be saved)


that's 13,07 GB lost now ...


But these huge files in C:\ are not back-up :

hiberfil.sys -2,8 GB

pagefile.sys -3,5 GB for a total of 6,3 GB ...


that's still 6,77 GB lost ... (could be the Windows recovery point ??? Not Recycle bin as it's saved/backup) - You, you lose 1,6 GB.


I've found some examples of files not saved in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Network\Downloader (8MB) or C:\Users\Canal\AppData\Local\Temp (10MB) ... etc...


All that is before compression as after compression eg: 20,66GB (I have omit some big files I don't want to backup again) became only 11,57GB ...


Skipped file: COMREGDB.BAK same as you. Plus errors on some Windows 8 files with interogation mark("?") in their filename as BUMP7 cannot (and I understand it) backup. These are only 24KB (!)


Une copie sélective des fichiers éventuellement en cours d'utilisation a été effectuée (Volumes : C:\).

Erreur: C:\Users\Canal\AppData\Local\Packages\WinStore_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\Microsoft\Windows Store\Cache\0\0-Channel-https???services.apps.microsoft.com?browse?6.2.9200-1?615?Channel.dat - erreur à l'ouverture : La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.


Erreur: C:\Users\Canal\AppData\Local\Packages\WinStore_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\Microsoft\Windows Store\Cache\5\5-https???wscont.apps.microsoft.com?winstore?6.2?615?WW?fr-fr?0?87?PDP.htm.dat - erreur à l'ouverture : La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.

Erreur: C:\Users\Canal\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\Visuel JEP 2014 basse de¦üfinition.jpg.lnk - introuvable

Erreur: C:\Users\Canal\Favorites\Links\Hardware (Ecrans, TDL...)\Blu-Ray BD-RE\Panasonic BD-RE PAN Blu-ray 1-2X Dual L 50 GB RE Jewel Case LM-BE50DE - znajdz podobny produkt na Skapiec.url - introuvable

Fichier ignoré: C:\Windows\System32\config\COMREGDB.BAK - occupé

Erreur: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Store\Cache Medium IL\0\0-DiscoveryForLicensing-https???go.microsoft.com?fwlink??LinkID=254853&clcid=0x409.dat - erreur à l'ouverture : La syntaxe du nom de fichier, de répertoire ou de volume est incorrecte.

La sauvegarde des fichiers de l'état du système, d'enregistrement de la classe COM+, du système d'exploitation et d'amorçage a réussi.


Yes, disaster recovery seems to have disappeared ... I don't use it !


Perhaps, files not backup are not usefull ones... why backing-up a temp directory, why not another temp ... why not hiberfile and why yes for swapfile ...??? Perhaps, it has no right to see these 6,77GB - perhaps it's normal.

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[2] Windows set the archive bit of a file each time it's touched (created / modified and perhaps also renamed). It's only reset by backup software.


Files to be archived again have been altered (sure!) even if filesize is unchanged. Files [to be archived again and] not altered have not been backup (problem one).


Yes, probably we can considere that Win8 touch a lot of files up to 7-8GB every times perhaps for indexation purpose or internal tasks... and not backing-up System State reduced all that with no (real) lose of data.



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Hi Alex,


A good backup system shouldn't back up the pagefile or hiberfile since they both are very temporary files. The same with cache files and anything in a "temp" directory - those files should be thrown out when the job which made them is finished. I can't see why the recycle bin or restore points should be backed up.


Apart from files with odd names which made syntax errors, you've only had one file "skipped", and that was the same as mine, COMREGDB.BAK which was shown as 'in use'. That's a zero-byte Windows file, so a backup isn't needed.


You know, I think BUMP is working for you almost entirely as the programmers intended it to work. The scheduling problem you found under Windows 8 isn't a serious fault, and it's remarkable that this old software has worked so well in an Operating System which wasn't even born when the software was written. [but I will still keep using my Ghost 8 booted from a DOS floppy because it has good disaster recovery.]


Are there any serious BUMP problems we haven't dealt with yet?




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The fact is c:\$Recycle.Bin and c:\windows\temp are back-up. Some others temp files not. Perhaps a mystery from the programmers team ...


Will the whole system work without these 6,77GB files. That's the question... We'll see... I'll try that one day to be sure !


Like you, I think that everything works fine and even for the scheduler: a message appeared just after saying to use Windows' scheduler instead as there is one installed (this was for old Windows 98 with no scheduler program present. One was added with this software for that...)


Yes, I think we have covered all the (two) problems I got ! Thanks again for support !



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Just one word more to say as time past using this software ...


1) I've read in the documentation that :


C:\Users\xxxUserNamexxx\AppData\Local\Temp is always *not* saved by BackupMyPC ...


like C:\hiberfil.sys and C:\pagefile.sys


So, nothing wrong here.


2) It is also true for few others files/directory too ...


Thus, C:\$Recycle.Bin is backup probably because this trash named directory has changed since XP/Vista (or even 98/2000) was: C:\RECYCLED instead ... And this one would not be backup.


Same explanation for C:\swapfile.sys which was previously named win386.swp for example.


C:\Windows\Temp is not exclude also ... Don't know why but, yes, that's the way this software was intented to work back in 2006... I agree.


So,.... everything seems good !!!




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Thank you for the extra information.


I am startled to know that Orlogix are selling that old software, and horrified at such a huge price!! It seems with the Roxio branding and the build number 705B17C (OLX) it's 7.0.5, Orlogix version so it's likely legal, but it certainly is a "bit strange!!", and it is probably an OEM build for Orlogix. I see it took you to Roxio.com to get itself registered.


I'm also very surprised to hear that you were able to install it in Windows 8. Did Orlogix give you any guarantees about which Operating Systems it would run in? The stuff I could see on their site seemed to stop at Vista, and the branding "Backup MyPC - © 1999-2006 Sonic Solutions" on your software says it's pretty old, so you were taking quite a risk paying 50 euros if you had no guarantee it would run in 8.


The latest stand-alone version of Backup MyPC [bUMP] I have is Version 6 Deluxe Suite, but there is a BUMP 7 in one version of Easy Media Creator 9.05 that I have Hopefully between the two of them I might be able to help you.


Another thing to consider, Windows locks files while it is using them, so you often have to run something else to boot on while backing up the system drive. For example, I have to boot on another disc when I want to backup my system drive with Norton Ghost. It is a bit like trying to pick up your feet with your hands while you're standing on them.


Anyway, I'll go and see what information I can find from my copies of BUMP, and come back here to help.




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First, thanks Brendon in trusting me it's really a Roxio product ! Second, oh yes the product works fine on Windows 8 (don't know for 8.1) except for the scheduler but this doesn't matter for me. Of course buying and running a 2006's software today in 2014 is a bit risky but that's I want to know: if everything work really really fine. For the moment, it seems. Website say yes also. Yes BUMP7. 7.5 or 7.0.5 ...


So, here is again my first (of two) question : When I performed a full backup of C: I noticed not all files were backup ... a total of 12.46GB files are not back-up. Some files/directory were not. Example: 2 files on C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Network\Downloader were not backup. C:\Users\Canal\AppData\Local\Temp not backup also (not usefull files to backup of course) but C:\Windows\Temp are ! Of course I can backup the whole disk using another partition as I've installed a dual-boot with two Windows 8 on the same disk. Note: Running BUMP as admin change nothing as it sees the same files/directory.


My second (and last I think) question is why when I perform my first differential backup of C: (so my second backup just after the complete/whole C:) I got a 8GB set just few hours or days after ... 8GB have changed in such a short time !!!? It's seems if I unchecked the "System's state" option I got only 1GB what is a lot better ... That's probably why this option exist. Before, I was not checking this box as saving Registry each time was bytes consuming... That's certainly what I have to do here again. I use 50GB BD-RE disc to backup 40GB of data for the moment but that will expand rapidly soon... So, clues ? Solutions ? Ideas ?


And thanks again Brendon !

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