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No Signal When Trying To Capture From My Wiiu


So I've been looking around to see if this problem has a concrete solution somewhere else on the forums, but it doesn't appear to.


As I've seen from other users, I'm unable to get my Roxio Game Capture HD to work with my WiiU.


I have connected everything properly, as displayed in the diagram, with HDMI cables from the WiiU to the video input on the capture device, and another cable from the video output on the capture device to the TV, and lastly, the USB to my computer which is running the latest version of the capture software. My computer is running windows 7 with the latest updates, etc...etc...


I have made sure to set the WiiU's display resolution to 1080p, and attempted all other resolution types (1080i, 720p, 480p) none of them worked or made a difference, still getting "No Signal".


My TV is a Sony KDLW3000, not sure if this makes any sort of difference but I figured I'd put it out there.


So what can I do to solve this problem? theoretically, there should be nothing wrong with the setup I'm using, soooooo, any suggestions?





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