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Can I?


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Does the blu ray writer handle the discs? Look at the technical specs of the Pioneer writer. It must be capable of burning 3 or 4 layer discs; older ones do not and not all Pioneer burners do. If you would have posted the complete model number, we could have looked that up.


Does the program recognize that you have put a large disc in the burner? Typically, the Roxio/Corel programs will burn whatever the drive will handle.


Just as an aside, why do you want to burn extra large blu ray discs. Wouldn't you worry about a hiccup in burning or a small irregularity on the disc?

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hoDevice SCSI\CdRom&Ven_PIONEER&Prod_BD-RW___BDR-208D\4&12816b4b&0&040000 was configured.

Driver Name: cdrom.inf

Class Guid: {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Driver Date: 06/21/2006

Driver Version: 6.2.9200.16384

Driver Provider: Microsoft

Driver Section: cdrom_install

Driver Rank: 0xFF0005

Matching Device Id: GenCdRom

Outranked Drivers:

Device Updated: false

is that the info you need?

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All I wanted was the model number ! I think it is BDR-208D.


Asked for second time -- are you using a Roxio product? If not what are you going to use to populate the disc?


There is no indication that the drive would burn any more than a double layer drive (50G) but the Pioneer BDR-208EBK would handle the larger discs with the right software. Why don't you ask Pioneer?

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That's actually the question he is asking you in post #1


I can't suggest anything to him unless he has the right hardware and tell us what he wants to use the large discs for. I don't think he has the right hardware but I did suggest that he talk to Pioneer. :):unsure:

He did not answer about why he wanted to use extra large discs so we don;t know if he wants to save data or videos. The choice depends on what he wants to do. There is just not enough information to suggest anything.


Notice that the forum he posted in is NOT for Roxio products. Quote:


For all chat not related to CD/DVD burning software. No Roxio discussion here! Chat about anything in life that interests you or just stop by to say hi. Posts that do not belong here will be removed.


Note that I didn't move the post because I couldn't tell where it should go. It could have been a Windows question !


He could have chosen the newest offerings and he would have gotten alternatives. He could have also called Roxio sales and you know this is not them.


Do you have anything positive to contribute regarding this issue? Have you tried it? What do you use the large discs for? :o

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