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Creating Dvd-R From Video_Ts Folder Skips Frames!




Running Toast 12 under iMac/Mavericks


source file is Video_TS

I can play the VOB files flawlessly using Mpeg Streamclip.

I fire up Toast 12, click to create DVD video

I dropped the Video_TS folder into Toast

I add the Video from the menu

I edit it to move the header to bypass the color bars

I press the RED burn button with a DVD-R ready to go

After chugging along, Toast 12 says burn successful.


I play the new DVD_R using DVD player.

Problem: every do often it skips a few frames - ugh!


I still have Toast 11.2 on my Mac. Same problem.


Can you help?

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Toast never has liked working with VOB files so it has a different way to go about this. I'm presuming you didn't using the VIDEO_TS Folders setting because you wanted to do editing and to create your own menu. The way to do this is to use the Toast Media Browser to extract MPEG files from the VIDEO_TS folder VOBs. If the VIDEO_TS folder is on your hard drive place it on the desktop or the top level of the Movies folder. Go to the Toast Media Browser and choose the Video tab. Then choose DVD. You should see the information about the VIDEO_TS folder and be able to select the videos (titles) that are within it. Drag the titles you want to the main Toast window with DVD video selected as the format. Toast will extract the mpeg files and write them to the Roxio Converted Items folder. When this is finished do your editing and prepare the menu. I also suggest going to the Custom Encoder Settings window and choosing Never re-encode. That way Toast will quickly multiplex the video rather than go through a lengthy encoding after you click the burn button. I hope this process works out for you.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I have to try it again.

I dragged to the DVD-video screen [or maybe I

double-clicked on the Title] but nothing was

written to the Roxio Converted folder - it did

create the folder. I went ahead and burn but

the problem's still there.


And where is 'Custom Encoder settings'?

== other ==

While I have you, what's the best way to

burn the VOB files to a Blu_Ray disc? Don't ask!

My colleague said please.


Thanks again.

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You are correct. I was mistaken about Toast extracting the videos to the Roxio Converted Items folder when added from the Media Browser. It used to be that way but no more. It could be the problem with the frame skipping is related to the source that isn't meshing well with Toast. Did you check is there are time code breaks in MPEG Streamclip? You can use MPEG Streamclip to extract the MPEG files by choosing Save or Save as MPEG. Maybe that will work better with Toast. You also can use Streamclip to trim off that part you don't want.


The Custom Encoder Settings window is accessed by clicking the Customize... button followed by the Encoding tab and the Custom button. Is Toast now showing it is Encoding the video or is it showing Multiplexing? If it is encoding then you should change the setting to Never re-encode. This only works when the source video already meets the video DVD specs, which yours does of course.


I don't know why someone would want to burn standard-definition videos to Blu-ray discs. They won't get upscaled to HD. However, with the Blu-ray plugin choose Blu-ray video as the format in the Toast Video window and add the videos. I haven't done this but I expect they will be playable by a Blu-ray player. Some Blu-ray players can play data discs with MPEG-2 videos and other formats (although if the file extension is .mpeg it needs to be edited to .mpg to be recognized). In that case the VOBs could be exported as .mpg from Streamclip and burned in Toast's Data window with DVD-Rom (UDF) as the file format and Blu-ray disc as the media type. That could be a huge time saver if your friend has a Blu-ray player that plays data discs.

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When you use Customize button [and I don't think I would have found

it otherwise] is it one-time for the disc in the burner? Or do I need

to reset it with the next video?


Bummer, Mpeg vid worked better as a source file but DVD-R still has skips.

The audio seems ok during the skip but not sure. I'm going with the

Video_TS settings as I need DVDs to give my colleague.


I'll try the Blu_Ray and see how that does. Yeah, I don't why the

request for Blu-Ray either.



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hi DG,


Video_TS option worked fine using Toast 12.

My colleague has requested a ProRes

digital file. I'm thinking I could burn that to

DVD-R or Blu-Ray just fine. I'm not sure

of all the Streamclip parameters. Looks like

Toast uses 192kpbs for sound. Would the

settings below work to burn? I will try it of

course bit it's a long process to get to the

Blu-Ray as the video is 1-hour long.



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I can't see the image you posted. If the source video is MPEG 2 with AC-3 audio then Toast keeps the audio as is. When the video is something else then you can use the Custom Encoder Settings window to choose a bit rate for the AC-3 audio or choose uncompressed PCM audio.


Toast does not seem to like making DVD videos from Pro-Res sources. I don't know why but there have been several posts about problems. It is best to use h.264 or DVCPRO50 or DVCPRO25. I'm referring to making a standard-definition video DVD.


You can test things out by choosing Save as Disc Image instead of clicking the Burn button. When the .toast file is complete you can mount it using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window, or using Mount Disc Image from the Toast Utilities menu or control clicking on it in the Finder and choosing Mount It from the contextual menu. You can play a Blu-ray video disc image using the Roxio Video Player from the Toast Extras menu (or using VLC). It will not have a working menu, however.

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Thanks for the Disc Image tip. I pasted from a jpeg. Doesn't seem to work. Maybe pdf.

I can see it on my screen but something happens to it when I press the orange Post.

I don't see the option here to upload a file .. even Facebook offers that.

Wow, Toast seems to have too many issues for a premier product. I had to re-adjust

my ProRes settings to 48KHz because using 44.1KHz causes a noticeable audio miss-sync.


Thanks again for all the quick replies.


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