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Music Plays, Slideshow Doesn't Show.





I am using Roxio Creator NXT 2.

Windows 7


When I try to create a DVD it plays fine on my computer that I have created the project on but not on three different DVD players that I have tried it on.


All of the MP4's play back fine but not all of the JPG's play back. Some will play and others just show up as a black screen.


I also have music on my newly created video that plays just fine.


I have both MP4's and JPG's on the same DVD playing along just fine and then when it comes to a certain JPG that JPG just shows up black screen. The music plays on and the next JPG shows up and the next JPG doesn't.


Thank for your help.

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Thanks so much for you quick reply.


I start out by using Roxio Video Wave and import my Mp4's and JPG's I then edit them and add music to the TimeLine or StoryLine. After I think I have what I want I then go up to the menu under Output and select Send to MyDVD .


I'm wondering if the error is caused by myself when I try to change the music track to start at different points on the StoryLine.


Thank You

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Instead of using "send to myDVD" first Export to DVD mpeg, best quality in Videowave. See if that video file plays correctly. You can use that mpg file later in myDVD if it plays correctly.


Do always the same photos appear as blank screen? What size (file size and resolution) are they. Some users have found that reducing very large files (5MB or larger) solved the lank screen problem.


I don't think the music has anything to do with it. You could test though by making a copy of your project file, removing the music and then burning

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OK I did I made a DVD mpeg and it worked out fine. I sent it to MyDVD and I now have a working DVD that plays on my VCR.


I'm still having a learning curve on adding sound, the length it playing, etc etc.


Wish there was an instruction manual that tells step by step on how to do things.


Thanks again.

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