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Toast Not Recognizing Anamorphic Widescreen



Hey maybe you guys can help me out or this! I've searched and looked for an answer and can't find anything.


I have a .mov file that was captured sd anamorphic widescreen (853x486). This plays correctly in QuickTime and other players. When I open it in Toast is shows in the 4:3 format.


Is there anyway to make read the file correctly?



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It's the 486 instead of 480 that fools Toast. My brother ran into this issue and I can't remember how we resolved it. It needed to be be saved as a new file using a different application. I think we used MPEG Streamclip and one of its presets. But there is no way to get Toast to recognize it properly until something is done with it elsewhere. Sorry I don't remember what we did.

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