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Videowave And Mydvd Error On Launch



Downloaded and installed Creator NXT Pro 3. All applications work except Videowave and MyDVD.


They get the same error when launched.


Videowave15.exe - Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.


Screen print attached.


Also, getting a "servers not responding" when trying to register from within Creator.


Screen print attached



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I registered via the website, but the when I launch the app it wants me to register and then I get the server error.



Hello Ed,

If you registered manually, there's no advantage to be gained by registering again - even if the servers were working properly at Roxio's end.


To turn off the program's requirement for you to register, run your registry editor and navigate to





There you should find a REG_DWORD value called Registration. Edit the "1" in that value to read "0", and close Regedit.


NXT 3 should run for you now.




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What does error code (0xc0000005) mean?


It could be any number of Windows issues from bad updates to .... Google for that error and you will find a lot of possibilities all relating to Windows.

Be careful of any quick fixes they may bring malware.

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Same issue/error code if I launch from Central or "All programs..."


I have tried uninstalling, re-downloading, re-installing and have the same issue/error code.


I have notice that I get an error when trying to "check for updates".


I am connected to the internet.


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