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Austin Davis Schmohe


Hi, my name is Austin, and I am a recent purchaser of your Game capture HD Pro.I was very excited to receive this, and upon purchase, I proceeded to attempt to record my pc gameplay. For my setup, I have one HDMI cable coming from the video output of the computer and into the input of the capture device. I have another cable running from the capture card's output into an HDMI-DVI converter, which is plugged into my monitor. I have my FireWire usb cable running from the capture card into the same PC that I have my HDMI's plugged into. When I open the Roxio capture program, I see my desktop background, but nothing more. No icons, shortcuts, mouse pointer, or anything. I attempted to run a game, play it for awhile, and then watch the recording, but the recording was nothing but my desktop background.No sound from the game either. I know the product is not defective. It worked on my Wii and ps3. Can you help me identify the problem?

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No, by FireWire that's the type of usb it uses I thought. And either way, thank you, but I figured it out. For those of you who may have this problem, I'll tell you what my fix was. I had both an hdmi and a d-sub cable between my computer and my monitor. Therefore, my computer was reading it as though I had two separate video outputs. So i originally had the d-sub cable as my default video output, and when I put in my HDMI for the RGC, it thOught it was a second output and read it as an extension of my desktop. So what I did was I first:

- Right clicked my desktop.

- clicked personalize.

- changed "extension of desktop" to "duplicate image" our something Like that.

- Problem solved :)

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