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Works In 720P 60 But Only After I Set Console To 720P (Wii U)



As you know by now, YouTube now supports 60FPS uploads but only up to 1080p and so far only one capture card can support both (for consoles). While this is not a concern to me, what is a concern is that I can only record 60fps up to 720P. I'm aware that most capture cards, when set to 1080P, can only record up to 30fps. While I understand that, what I don't understand is that when the console resolution is set to 1080P, even after setting the software recording resolution to 720P, it still records at 30fps, but when I set the console resolution to 720P, it can record in 60fps. (Keep in mind that all of this is done on HDMI.) The questions I have in mind are:


Does this only happen to Wii U?



Is it due to the HDMI? Should I switch to Component?



Is this a hardware or software issue with the capture card?



Any and all feedback are well appreciated. :)

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I have the same problem on the Xbox One. I have my console set to 1080p and the roxio game cap set to 720p and i get 30 fps. But if i change the console to 720p, i get 60 fps on the roxio without changing any settings on the roxio... I dont understand whats going on. The new update just rolled out so i assume its a bug there, and in that case we will be waiting another couple of months for it to be fixed..... I also checked that it wasn't my game (Call of Duty AW), because xbone tends to frame rate drop to maintain 1080p, but the game runs at a solid 1080p at 60fps... One more thing, it is in both MP4 and M2TS so its not the format either...

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