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What This Mean The Drive Reported An Error: Sense Key = Illegal Request Sense Code = 0X26 Invalid Field Iini Parameter List



I have a macbook pro mid 2012 running the latest Yosemite os and the latest Toast 12. I got a USB 3 bluray burner and I can't make a disc I already wasted 6 blank disc it encode multiplex but when it start to write this window pup up

The drive reported an error:


Sense Code = 0x26



I tried all kind the ways. I use the same drive to make a music CD and no problem.

I tried create a Bluray folder with another software and taking it to Toast and same window pup up

I changed the writing speed to slow same thing


Any suggestions?


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Corel says Toast 12 is not completely compatible with Yosemite but have not said what isn't working. They will be issuing an update eventually. I don't know if your issue is part of that. Check that your Blu-ray drive has the latest firmware from the manufacturer. I presume the drive is connected directly to the Mac and not through a USB hub. I don't know the meaning of error message. Google for it to see if someone explains it.

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Do you have sleep disabled on your Mac? Toast does not seem to override the sleep command while burning, and if I forget to change the setting I make coasters. A 2 hour project will take at least 30 minutes to render and burn.


Only a guess, as I don't have Toast 12 at this time, I'm using Toast 8 with Yosemite. Only the "burning" splash seems to be broken, but it works. Weird.

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