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First Two Transfers Worked Great



I hav vhs2dvd 3 plus, installed it in my PC and all worked great for the first two tapes, then when I went to transfer the thrid, I get audio and no video. The PC had nothing change, not even powered down when the problem showed up. So I rebooted, no luck, uninstalled and re-installed, loaded the latest patches from Roxio, no luck.




I have tried different USB ports as one post stated that when they moved to a rear mounted usb port it fixed there problem. I am about to trash this application and go buy another, but don't want to if I don't have to waste the $$

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Yes, multiple tape, and move the vcr back to the tv and all tapes work great. Remember that I can see messages from the VCR (if I press setup, I see the setup screen on the preview screen), but when I hit play on the VCR I just get a blue background. So I know that the USB video driver is working at some level, and I get audio so I know that the USB audio drivers are working.

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Sorry if I did not make my self clear.


I used the product to create 2 great DVD from VHS tape. When I went to make the third, all I got was a blue screen (the PC was not changed, reboot nothing). So I got a different tape to see if the one I was trying to copy was bad, no ALL tapes I try to copy now have audio only.


I disconnected the vcr from the PC, reconnected to the TV and all tape play fine.


I rebooted the PC, no help.

I uninstalled the application and reinstalled. No help.


I used different USB ports no help.


What I find odd, is that when tape is playing I get a blue screen, but when I press any of the menu buttons on the vcr, I can see the menus on the VHS2DVD preview screen. this tells me that all of the cables are fine, and the USBvideo drive is working, or I would not be able to see ANYTHING from the vcr.


Does that help?

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I tried at least 5 different tapes, none home made. Again, if the vcr is connected to a tv, you can see the video just fine. Only when connected to the PC, do you not see video.



Re-read Post #7 and answer the questions!!!!!!!!

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All commercial tapes.


All tapes have been tried multiple times


not it, I re-tried the tapes that worked, and now they don't. Plus I don't have any home made tapes.


What is Macrovision?


Macrovision is the name of a company which manufactures copy-protection systems. The name "Macrovision" is commonly used to refer to the product which is officially called "Macrovision Video Copy Protection".

The original Macrovision copy protection system was developed for VHS and has been expanded to include DVD, VOD (video on demand), PPV (pay per view) and other formats.

How Does Macrovision Work?


Macrovision uses two main techniques to prevent copying (i.e. playing from one machine while recording on another):

  1. Vertical Blanking Signal
    Macrovision inserts Pseudo-Sync Pulses (PSPs) into the vertical blanking signal. This confuses the automatic gain control (AGC) circuitry used by most video recorders. The result is picture tearing, video noise, loss of brightness and colour.
  2. Colorstripe
    Macrovision creates a rapidly modulated colorburst signal. This confuses the chroma processing circuitry used in NTSC video recorders. The result is a picture spoiled by horizontal stripes or other unwanted effects.

Either or both of these techniques can be used - it is up to the content producer.

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not it, I re-tried the tapes that worked, and now they don't. Plus I don't have any home made tapes.


Can you borrow a home made tape from a (friend/neighbor/co-workers) as a test.


Try another VCR, or a camcorder (with composite out jacks, or S-Video).


The problem could also be that the signal strength from your VCR is a little weak (there has been similar cases on here in the past), try feeding the signal from your VCR to another VCR or camcorder and then to the capture device. In this way you will have a signal created by the 2nd VCR or camcorder.

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