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Roxio Toast 12



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Does this happen with all EyeTV shows or just one? If just one then I suggest exporting from EyeTV as a MPEG video and using MPEG Streamclip to repair timecode breaks. If it happens with all, how are you adding the EyeTV video to Toast? Does Toast say it is Encoding or Multiplexing the movie when you click the burn button?

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Which EyeTV do you have? Mine captures the MPEG 2 video stream. I have the option to export that as MPEG 2 elementary streams. I suggest you choose that which creates a .m2v and an .ac3 file. Drag the .m2v file into Toast. If the .ac3 is in the same folder and has the same name except for the extension then Toast will automatically include it. Otherwise Toast will ask you to locate the audio (.ac3) file.


Now click the Customize... button in Toast and click the Encoding tab and Custom button in the window that appears. Change "Re-encoding" to Never.


Now everything should work to make your video DVD presuming there isn't anything wrong with the source video file.


It should have worked to do it the simple way. But since it didn't the steps I provided are the most fail-safe way to go. However, if this doesn't work there is something amiss with the video which brings me back to fixing timecode breaks in MPEG Streamclip before adding to Toast. Or using EyeTV's export format to save as a h.264 (iTunes) video and then putting that into Toast.

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