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How To Put The Mp3 Into A Photoshow (Photoshow #5)

peter white


I will describe what happen to me. I was doing a photoshow with my PhotoShow #5. I have already finished more than a 1/2 of it, including the addition of my MP3 music. From one day to the other, I couldn't continue as I couldn't add any other MP3 into the same photoshow and I was folowing the same procedure.

I click on the "choose MP3" tab on the Soundtrack Jukebox screen, in the next screen that pop up that tell you to 'look in", I choose "desktop" from the list and then I click the option "new folder" which is were I have the MP3, but the option doesn't open the list of MP3 in order to choose the next one to be added into the photoshow.

I have tried several times, but doesn't let me go through.

Could you help me with this problem? Thank you very much.

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IF no one responds, then that means they have nothing to contribute. Most people have never seen PhotoShow 5 ! I'm working from memory. Do you have the stand alone version of PhotoShow 5 or was it included as part of another program? Did you update your operating system from the original on the computer?


Search your computer for multiple folders under the name "New Folder". Rename that music folder to mp3 music for PhotoShow or something similar; delete the rest if you have nothing in them. Look at the screen that opens to your mp3 files .. Make sure you are looking at the folder view and not some other option.


You say it you cannot select the folder (open it). Tell us what really happens there - does the folder open or doesn;t it see any of the files. At the bottom of that page, make sure the selection is mp3 or all files. Sometimes the selection is inadvertently looking for something else like video files.


Since this just happened, use Windows restore (you have that active don't you?) to back up your computer to the date and time that it worked.


I'm not brushing you off but it really sounds like a Windows issue. Post back with your results. Make sure you read this response thoroughly and try the suggestions. Nothing will get someone responding to a problem angry quicker than someone who does a halfassed skim of the response or arguing with the suggestions before trying them. (Just saying). ;)

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I am having the same problem with creating and editing the Photoshow. In the past I have been able to add various mp3 to a show creating a transition in music. I am not able to do it now, as I have tried starting over with new Photoshow a couple times. The feature is simply not there.


I don't believe it is windows issue. Maybe something missing since the PS upgrade. I noticed it has a 50MB limit for music.


Please let me know if there is something I am missing.


Thank you.

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