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How To Overlay Stills Over Damaged Video - Video Wave

Chris Nicola


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There are several options.

1- split the main video at the start and end of the damaged section. Select the "internal track" for the damaged segment and then add the still picture to the overlay track. Adjust the overlay to cover the damaged video. You will also have to adjust the duration of the overlay to the length of the damaged section


2- add the still photo on the overlay track and move it a location so that it covers the damaged video. Again adjust the overlay for duration and size

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Thank you for your reply. I can understand the concept. However I need help please on how I can split the video into segments. Where are the tools to do this? Regarding the overlay, I will use the add image feature and place the image over the segment pane in the main window as an overlay. How do I adjust the duration?


Kind Regards


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Lot of questions but I'll try a brief answer:



First is that one video is the only one in the project and you don't intend to do anything else, you do not need to split the video. It is more convenient and easier to split if this is going to be a longer production and you are going to add more videos and perhaps some transitions.


Make sure you are in timeline view:


to learn how to split BUT do not delete the parts you split off -- Essentially use the double headed arrow icon.

2) Just drag the image to a track lower than the one where you have the video to create the overlay, you can resize that image by dragging the corners.

3) To adjust the duration, you put you cursor in the center of the track that has the image and you will get an double headed arrow (not the one from above) hold you mouse button and drag the end to the length you want.


Let us know if you want more detailed instruction. Just so you know, Video Wave is considered a non-destructive video editing program. It never changes the original video file UNLESS you select to ovewrrite the original when you go to output the final video.


karri created some very good videos to help understand the use of Video Wave. I strongly suggest that you watch them all. They are here: (link)

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