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Rolling Back Roxio Burn - Split From A Hijacked Topic



Hello Gurus, I'm trying to install Creator NXT 3 on a computer (specs below in message, not signature block) that has never had any Roxio programs/apps installed on.


I am having the same problem as Shawn B except my permanent stall is at 'Rolling back Roxio Burn.' Later I get an application error for Burn that says 'Critical keys needed for this application are missing' then it goes on to say something about repairing the program. I tried to installed without the burn feature but I got a message that the installation was interrupted.


After checking updates and following many of the steps I've seen in the forum, I was unable to attempt an installation because I used the product key too many times. Customer service gave me another product key and I have since downloaded imgburn but I would like to try again on my other computer that has Creator 2010 before using my new product key too many times on this one.


The specs on the computer with failed attempts are:


Windows 8.1 Home Premium, preinstalled, 4.00 GB RAM (3.58 GB usable)

64 bit operating system, x64-based processor

AMD E1-1200 with Radeon HD Graphics, 1.4 GHz


950 GB Iomega external drive

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The install message about installing Roxio Burn is a false one. Ignore it. The real issue is that the Critical keys are missing. There is a fix for Creator NXT and NXT Pro but it should and did work for one poster on Creator NXT2.


It is here. make sure you create a Windows Restore point before you do so. You can use Revo Uninstaller (free). If you have to remove the update or the entire program (Moderate Mode ONLY).

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AMD E1-1200 with Radeon HD Graphics, 1.4 GHz


The AMD E1 1200, codenamed Zacate, is a notebook processor by AMD, sporting two cores, each of which clock at 1.4GHz. The cores are from the Bobcat series and each of them has a 512KB L2 cache. The Bobcat architecture uses an “out-of-order” execution method, which makes the core a bit faster. The E1 1200 performs slightly less than its successor, the E1 1500, but its price is also lower than the E1 1500. The E1 1200 also comes with an integrated Radeon HD 7130 graphics card that’s clocked at 500MHz.


NXT3 system requirements,


For data burning and copy, audio capture and editing: Intel® 1.6GHz Pentium 4 Processor or AMD equivalent, 1GB RAM. For video or photo editing, conversion and playback, Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor or AMD equivalent and 2GB RAM. Multi-core processor highly recommended.


Roxio is to generous with the System Requirements. Your PC is way under the system requirements for NXT3 Software.!

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