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Videowave Trimming Function-No Video Just Audio


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Thank you Jim,

The trim function will work on a wma file and a lower quality avi file. The original avi file that I have been trying to trim is a 1080p at 30fps 1.2G in size w/ sonic avc/h.264 compression.The lower quality avi file is 720x480 at 30fps w/mpeg compression. My video card is an AMD Radeon HD 6550D, I have 8G of ram, any Ideas?

Thanks Craig

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If I may, why don;t you just use the split (at 2 points) and then delete? That works except where you are trying to cut 10 FRAMES or less.


Please consider uploading a couple of seconds of that video to a file sharing site so we can also try it.


That HD6550D may not be able to handle the encoding. Look here. Have you installed the latest drivers for that card. Have you tried software encoding? It takes a little longer but should work with a good enough processor.


Perhaps we can see something else if you post the dxdiag evaluation of your computer (link) .

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