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Best Output Format For Public Presentation On Projector?



I just finished my 6 minute video. Now I want to export it so that it can be played on a laptop and projected on a screen for an audience.


So far I tried 3 formats.

First I used Creative ZEN MPEG4 (AVI) Best Quality. I played it and it seemed pretty good.


Then I tried Windows Video Media 9 320 x 240 VBR. The images seem grainy and VERY poor quality. Is there a WVM that is better than this?


Finally I put it in MPEG2 for Best Quality. It is MUCH larger. But also seems to be good quality.


What format (or formats) do you suggest?


Thanks for helping out a novice! :)

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MATCH the quality of your Projector :huh:


Check its' specs and see what quality it producing...


If it is only a 720 X 480 projector, then SD is all you need and there is no point in doing HD... Likewise, the source quality is an issue too.


Should the source be low quality, nothing in the world can make it better :unsure:


And keep in mind, you can only output in HD quality if you stated with a WideScreen (16:9) Project... This Cannot be Changed after you start ;)

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Thank you for the reply.


I did my project in the NORMAL mode. I'm not wanting HD. I understand that my source videos are not exceptional.


So out of the SD options which one would you suggest?


And is there a good option for a WMV?


What is the highest quality AVI?

And the highest quality MPEG?


I find this somewhat confusing as I counted 40 options in all.


Once again I apologize for being a novice.

And I thank you for your time and trouble!

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It seems like you are fixated on a black and white answer ! .


There are no real good rules of thumb. Do you own the projector and have you used it before? I rented one and all it would display was the frame but not the video. Luckily, there was another projector available.


In your example, you are comparing an AVI file (essentially uncompressed video) with a video designed for a cell phone -320 by 480. If you compare videos at a high bit rate and 720 by 480, I doubt that you would see a difference. VBR = Variable bit rate (saves space).


You will have to strike the correct balance of project size vs appearance. Remember that frames per second, bits per second and other factors all come into it as well as the program you are going to use to play the video. If you are doing narration, people will want to hear you more than see what you have on the screen.


Google for or look at Wikipedia to find out the difference between mp4 and mpg2 It is sort of like - which Ford or Chevy is better?

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The thing is I'll be traveling around to six different places and use their equipment, so I have no idea what laptop and projetor I'll be using. I just want to take a good quality file that can be used about anywhere with anything.


Does that help?

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