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Nxt 3? Chapters Vs Clips



I am trying to make a home movie. It has about 50 clips but could be broken into small chapters. Does anyone know how to make the clips run continuously?

For example, in one video, it is of my daughter's basketball game. I paused recording between breaks and now I can't seem to make it play continuously without a lag. Or is there a suggestion for which "transition" I would use?

I need help!

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Please confirm that you have Creator NXT 3; if not, what do you have?


If you are using Video Wave, all you do is add the clips to the timeline with no spaces between the clips. They will run continuously.


Tell us about the lag - describe it. It may be part of the camcorder's set up. If so, you can cut otf the "lag". There are several ways of doing ti. after you describe the lag we'll give you some options.

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