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I just purchased the Easy CD DVD software and I am trying to burn some songs to a CD that I downloaded from Rhapsody and I get a message saying thefile format is not supported but when I look at the songs they are all in WMA format. What am I doing wrong? Rhapsody may be a ad word in here if so my apologies.. I just want to download some songs and I don't mind paying for them and burning them to a CD to play in my truck.

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Which menu option are you using to try make your Audio CD? There are two, Burn Audio CDs and Create Music Disc Projects.

The first is a simplified Sonic module which doesn't give you much control or information. The second is a Roxio application which will give you a lot more information.


WMA files are often associated with digital rights management [DRM] restrictions, and "protected" from copying or burning. It looks like you're using Burn Audio CDs, and probably trying to burn protected WMA files.


Try running Create Music Disc Projects, set it for an audio CD, and drag some of your WMAs into the project window. If the files are "protected" you'll see this sort of pop-up window.




The recording industry has made it a criminal offense for people in the USA to crack this "protection" so Roxio software isn't allowed to sidestep it. If your files have been hit by this blight, you need to seek another source or another file format. Sorry.




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Yes that is the popup I am getting. I am a total noob at this and I don't mind buying the music from Rhapsod and I can't even figure that out.. There's got to be a way to only buy the songs I want and burn them to disk. I thought the 10 dollars a month I am paying would give me that right but it seems somehow I have to pay more for that.

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This is from Wikepedia.


Rhapsody is an online music store subscription service based in Seattle, WA.[citation needed] On April 6, 2010, Rhapsody relaunched as a standalone company, separate from former parent RealNetworks.[1] Downloaded files come with restrictions on their use, enforced by Helix, Rhapsody's version of digital rights management enforced on AAC+ or WMA files.[2][3] The service also sells individual MP3s without digital rights management restrictions.

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