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Can I Burn A Video_Ts Folder And An Mpg On The Same Disc?



Hi. I have two related video files I'd like to burn on the same DVD-R, with authoring, if possible.


One is a .mpg file that's 1.18 GB. The other is a VIDEO_TS folder that's 1.87 GB.


Can I burn both on the same disc in a way that allows me to see both in the main menu -- and maybe even maintins chaptering? If so, how?


I'm on an Intel iMac, using Yosemite.


Many thanks for any help.

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Drag the .mpg video to the Toast Video window from the Finder. As for the one in the VIDEO_TS folder, select where it reads "Desktop:AUTHORINGWARE" and you should see a thumbnail image from Title 1 in the lower part of the browser window. Click on that thumbnail and drag it to the main Toast window. What I'm seeing in your example is you have the Title selected in the upper part so that Chapters appear in the lower window. You want the entire Title to show in the lower window.


You only need to use the Media Browser for the VIDEO_TS folder extraction. If your .mpg is in the Movies folder you may be able to add it to the main Toast window by clicking the triangle next to Movies. But I just drag movies directly to Toast from the Finder.

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Place the VIDEO_TS folder on the Desktop or the top level of the Movies folder. Choose DVD video as the format in the Toast Video window. Open the Toast Media Browser and click the Video tab and then click where you see DVD in the list. There you'll find the videos within the VIDEO_TS folder. Select what you want and add it to the main Toast window. You'll first get a window where you can do some editing if you want. Just proceed so it appears in the Toast window. Now add you .mpg video to the Toast window. You are ready to prepare a menu and have Toast author a new video DVD.

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Hi tsantee,


Thanks for your very clear instructions. I think I followed them, but the disc I burned has only one video, even though the menu shows two.


Here's a screen grab of the Toast window, which shows the VIDEO_TS folder I imported, and a second folder named "the motels Rai 5."





I can't make a grab of the DVD window, but it looks like this:








Movies #1


the motels Rai 5




When I click on VIDEO_TS in the main menu, the video that shows is the second one I added, "the motels Rai 5." And when I click on the motels Rai 5 in the main menu, it takes me to a sub-menu, with the same video, "the motels Rai 5," in chapters.


Any ideas what I did wrong? I'd like to try again.

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I don't know how you got that list in the Toast Media Browser. What you should have seen looks like my attachment. In my example I'd select the videos labeled Title 1 and Title 2 (if I want both) and either drag them to the main Toast window or click the + button. As I mentioned, another window appears before it gets added to the main Toast window.


Ignore that I have Web Video highlighted in the sample. That is irrelevant.


Do not add the VIDEO_TS folder to the Toast window.


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Thanks, tsantee, I'm still trying to figure this out.


Here's what the Media window looks like. The + sign is grayed out, so I can't use it, and I'm unclear in your example how you got Title 1 and Title 2 in the Media Browser.







I put both movies in the Movies folder, so I can access them through Toast. You'll see them in the Media Browser window on this screenshot -- I renamed them Motels 1980romampg and Motels VIDEO_TS. The + button is still grayed out.






I dragged the infoFolder in the former and the VIDEO_TS folder on the latter into the window, even though (if I understand correctly), you said not to. I did it because I didn't see any other way to access the two movies. This is what I see:






Then, when I examine the files using the Edit function, I see that VTS_01_0 and VTS_01_1 are identical. I don't know if this means I should delete one of them -- leaving it alone might create a duplication of that movie (the window show 4.37 GB on the disc -- one file is 1.2 GB and the other is 1.9 GB, so it seems to me like the former would be burned twice) or both might be necessary in order for the folder to be burned properly. I don't know, which I'm sure is obvious.


Thanks for your continuing help!

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Your VIDEO_TS folder should only be named VIDEO_TS. Remove the Motels from in front of its name.


Then when you place the VIDEO_TS folder on the Desktop or at the top level of the Movies folder you should see a little triangle next to DVD in the Media Browser. Clicking that triangle will drop down to show the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder.

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And so it did.






I'm not certain how to add the second movie, so I clicked and dragged it from the desktop into the Toast window -- if there's a way to add it via the Media Browser, I don't see it. Here's what it looked like after I added movie #2.




When I compared this screenshot to the one you posted yesterday, I suspect that click-and-drag was not the right way to import, because I don't see both movies listed in the Media window. How can I add the second movie via the Media Browser? The + box is still grayed out.

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