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Adjusting Color Settings Of The Capture Messes With The Colors On The Screen



Using HDMI cable to capture, and I notice that when I color correct the capture before I start to record, it actually changes the colors on the screen where I am playing the game. I recall this being an issue before, but at the time I just worked around it by using compenent cables, but the xbox one doens't have compenent output, so I need to know a way to actually prevent or fix this.

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There has never been a provision for HDMI.


I have only used it on 9 TV's or monitors around the house and have never seen a case where HDMI is an issue with the color :huh:


Try it on another TV or if you have an HDMI splitter about, use it between your Xbox and the RGC ;)


Really? It's only happened to me when I use both HDMI inputs and outputs. Anyways, I don't have another TV to use, nor do I have an HDMI splitter, at least not yet, i'm planning on getting some though, I was just hoping that there was a work around til then.

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