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When I convert music filed using Roxio Audio Converter, the track numbers are always set to "00" Is there a way to preserve the track numbers of the music being converted?

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This varies greatly, depending on what you're doing. What format are your source files, and what format are you converting them to please?

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I am trying to convert .m4a files to .mp3 and it works, but all track numbers are set to "0." Thank you for your reply, and if you have additional suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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for Track Numbers to be meaningful you need to be dealing with albums, so I'll describe dealing with converting an album from .M4A files to .MP3. When I finish with that, please see if it solves your problem and/or ask any further questions which arise.


I have an album I ripped from Audio CD to .M4A files. There are many different tagging systems/standards to attach metadata to audio files, and whichever system (if any) was used on the M4A files doesn't seem to have carried over to the Roxio Audio Converter although the filenames carry the tracknumber. I see the Artist and Album names didn't make it over, either.


If I like that filename system I'll keep it, otherwise I'll add Album and Artist name, and remove the numbers from the filenames during the conversion and just have them in the audio tags.


Step 1

Run the Audio Converter and drag your M4A files into the project window.




Step 2

Click Edit Audio Tags. You'll see all your tracks are highlighted. On the right side under Audio Tags, fill in the fields such as Artist, Album, etc. which are the same for all tracks. Leave individual track changes for step 3. When finished these general edits, click Done and you'll see the edits take effect on all tracks in the project window.




Step 3

Go back to Edit Audio Tags but this time highlight only one file at a time, making individual changes such as changing the title if required, and inserting the track number. In mine, I took the track number off the title and put it in the proper field. When done, check the little box "Embed or replace tags inside the audio files . . ." then click Done and watch the edits take effect.




Step 4

Check your project and if it's how you want it click convert, review yojur settings, and then convert - the die is cast.



There are other options you can experiment with, such as the Track Art and using the MusicID lookup services, but this post is just to cover the basic inserting of track numbers and tidying up the tags you're writing to your new MP3 files.





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