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Dvd Will Hang After 23 Minutes



I have created a DVD by exporting my Roxio project to MyDVD. The DVD seems to burn OK and will start up when inserted in a DVD player (including the one on my PC). Image and sound are OK but the DVD will stall after about 23 minutes. When FF wind the movie, it will stop at exactly the same point and I am unable to check whether there are actually any data on the disc.


When I export the same project to MPG or to MP4 the movie will play on my PC or laptop to the very end without any problem.


I have tried both with a standard density DVD and a double density one. Problem remains the same. I choose a quality of the movie so that it will easily fit onto the DVD.


What could be the problem?



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I have done exactly as you describe: I have not used the Fit to Disc option, but have tried with Standard quality on a single layer as well as HQ on a double layer DVD.


When I use Xilisoft MPEG to DVD converter, I will get a DVD that runs the movie to the very end as it should.


So: problem not solved and not satisfied with Roxio NXT3 as far as this ios concerned. That is a pity because I do like VideoWave because of its user-friendliness.

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You choose 'Fit to Disc'? Don't use fit to disc.


How long in play time is the movie?


Choose HQ High Quality and My DVD will encode at a 9 plus mb constant byte rate, that allows for one hour on a single layer DVD and two hours on a dual layer DVD.

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