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Toast Burn 1.0.1: Don't Have Required Access Permissions Result Code -54



I have bought from the App Store and installed Toast Burn (v1.0.1) on 2 different iMacs, both running Mavericks 10.9.5. These were 2 separate purchases against different Apple IDs.


If I save a disk profile and quit the app and then attempt to re-open it in the next Toast Burn session, I get a pop-up dialog (see attached screen shot) that states:


"Couldn't complete the last command because you don't have the required access permissions. Result Code = -54"


and then Toast Burn crashes out, offering to send a report to Apple (see attached report). This happens irrespective of being in an admin or standard account.


I have tried the following remedies, none with any success:


1. Deleted & reinstalled Toast Burn – tried this in both an admin and a standard account (I deleted it using Launcher and reinstalled it using App Store).


2. Repaired Permissions using Disk Utility.


3. Manually gave Read & Write permission to all – used 'Get Info' to set R&W permission for all named users for both Toast Burn.app and for the app package contents including all contained files and folders


4. Installed and ran Toast Burn locally – i.e. installed Toast Burn into the local Applications folder for a user account (in '~/Applications' as opposed to 'Macintosh HD/Applications')


In addition, for one of the iMacs Toast Burn fails to remember the registration screen actions and so asks about registration every time, even after a registration was submitted.


The overall impression is that Toast Burn needs write access to some hidden folder/files but can't have it. I have looked in Library/Application support and there's nothing there for Roxio or Toast.


Any suggestions please as I can't save and reopen any disk profiles from Toast Burn!







Toast Burn Crash Report.txt

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Sounds to me like a bug in Toast Burn with regard to writing and opening project files. I don't suppose Toast Burn allows saving as a disc image. If it did that would be a workaround in which you later burn the image file using the Copy window if Toast Burn has that. Alternatively you could use Disk Utility to create a temporary partition and drag in and modify your files there until you are ready to add them to Toast to burn, so there is no need to close and reopen project files. Sorry that I'm of no real help.

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