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I Should Have Bought An Elgato...



so since the service pack 1 update my roxio has been pretty much useless and also roxio has hidden their contact details so well that i am unable to contact them online. My problems are as follows. 1. after i record a 10 second clip i get a loading bar that keeps filling then restarting repeatedly. 2. roxio now requirs your pc be turned on even if you do not plan to record footage meaning a high risk of pc damage from over heating. 3. i have my pc and consoles connected to the same tv and since the update it either refuses to display either my pc or console, which ever mood it is in it makes it so i have to reset the machine that is not displaying which then means if i wanted to record something then i would have to restart the roxio capture on the pc which, as i mentioned runs a risk of making either my pc or console display remain black until reset. 4. the editing software is so bad now since thet introduced that quick render which knocks your audio out of allignment from the video making the full project useless. pretty much what i am saying here is, how do i remove this faulty and half baked patch they released?

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The only update for the GameCap Standard is SP1 which has been out for quite some time now...


Do you have the Standard or the HD version? (hd recently brought out SP2)


None of what you mention has ever been reported by anyone with one minor exception. - The HD, SP2 does now need to have the PC on. A splitter will go around that.


Assuming you have the HD box and just posted in the wrong forum (please confirm and I can move it) he is what you can do:


Never heard of 'Quick Render'? Check under Tools and click on Smart AVC to turn it off


Splitter for your Monitor issue


Do not the MP4 recording option - stick to M2TS
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