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I have Creator NXT 2. This page http://www.roxio.com...tore/video.html says "Plug-in is only compatible with Creator NXT 2" but the link says system requirments "Creator NXT 3 and Creator NXT Pro 3"! Is the Blu-Ray plugin compatable with Creator NXT2?


At this point, you may only get a reasonable answer from Sales who may have to confirm it with Tech Support. Copy writers and web people don't often talk to each other so things are missed.


I know you didn't ask but :

1) do you have a camera/camcorder that will record in high definition?

2) Do you have a blu-ray burner? Remember that you'll need blu ray discs.

3) Can you get away with video that are around 40 minutes long? If so, consider AVCHD discs. No plug in required and most high definition DVD players will play them.

Note that is have the blu-ray capability but prefer to make AVCHD discs -- audiences don't necessarily want to sit through hours of Home video.

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