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I recently purchased a Samsung 4K UHD TV and would like to convert DVD's I own to a compatible video output file on an external hard drive using he Roxio Creator NXD Pro 3 software. I have read that the best codec for this process is H.265 to produce a compatible MPEG-4 file that can be used on Blu-ray discs and USB storage devices. What is the best stock or custom settings using the Roxio Video Copy & Convert program that I can use for the output of the DVD conversion using either the stock offerings or a custom setting in order to maximize the output quality for the 4K UHD TV?


I do not find the H.265 codec, only the H.264. Will the H.265 codec be added as an update soon?

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Let's take it backwards.


We are users and not Roxio/Corel employees so we are not in the loop when it comes to the next versions.


There is no H265 codec in Creator NXT 3; if there were, there would be much more advertising about the capabilities. NXT3 is relatively new so the next version won't be out until the end of 2015. Roxio does not tend to update frequently (or at all.) Your choices are essentially H264 or high definition mpg.


Doesn't your new Samsung TV up-convert videos automatically? They will be better than 2K. In order to get full 4K home videos, you would need to start with a 4K camcorder and use another program like Corel Video Studio


Please let us know if this answers your questions,

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