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Problem With Video Clips And Photos Dropping Out Burning Dvd



I'm using Roxio Creator 2010 and the VideoWave program to make a video with photos, video clips and music. I have used this same software for large projects over the past 4 years. This project got larger than previous efforts. When I sent the finished project to MyDVD program, many photos and video clips were randomly dropping out during the encoding. I just stopped the process. When I tried the output feature in VideoWave , I got the same result. Last year, I got a similar project 90 minutes in length to export to a Windows Media file. I was able to burn a DVD from that without a problem.

I don't know what else to do.


What is the best format to use to export the video from the project in VideoWave if I want to burn the saved file into a DVD?


Do I need to break up my video? If so, what is a recommended size to work with?


Thank you for any suggestions you may have. Trying to get this done for a family party next Tuesday.


Here are my computer specs:

processor: Intel ® Core ™ i3 CPU

installed memory ((RAM) :4.00 GB (3.80 G usable)

system type: 64-bit operating system

operating system: Windows 7 Professional

Service Pack 1

hard drive: 365 GB free

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All videos on a DVD that will play on a standard DVD player are mpg2 files (with the VOB extension).


At the best quality, you can get only about 60 minutes of video on a single layer DVD. If you reduce the quality, you can get more but no one will be able to watch it. You have two options, reduce the length or use a double layer DVD.


Note for best results, do not burn directly to a DVD; make an ISO file or a folder set and then burn what you make to a good quality DVD - NO Memorex. That way, your computer only does one thing at a time - the encoding and then the burning as a separate step. If you make an ISO file, you can use the free VLC Player to watch it on your computer. If it looks OK then you can burn it using the function on the Home page

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